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bail bonds in huntington beach ca

When people think of getting arrested, they do not realize what exactly happens after the initial arrest. There are several steps that make up the entire process known as the booking process, which most people know due to the large amount of police television shows.


When an officer makes an arrest within the city limits of Huntington Beach, he or she will take the arrestee to the Huntington Beach Police Department, which is located at 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648.


The only reason that an inmate will not be taken to this jail is if he or she has a serious medical condition that needs attention, in which case, the arrestee will be taken to the county jail. When the defendant arrives at the police department, he or she will put all of his or her personal belongings away for safekeeping for the remainder of the time that the inmate spends at that jail.


The first step of the booking process is inputting all of the inmate’s information into the county sheriff’s database along with a mug shot that the police could use for future reference. When that is completed, the defendant will then be taken to a separate room where he or she will complete the fingerprinting process. This process could take a few hours because it is done through the Live Scan Machine, which sends the fingerprints to be run against the Department of Justice’s database.


The purpose of this process is to make sure that the inmate does not have any outstanding warrants. Our agents at Bail Bonds Huntington Beach cannot bail out any inmate until the jailer has cleared the inmate for bail.


So while the jailer waits to clear the inmate for bail, our agent will meet with you so that you could fill out the bail bond application.


When all of the paperwork is finished and the defendant has been cleared for bail, our agent will post the bail as soon as possible. When the defendant is released from jail, our agent will hand one of you a receipt for the bond, which will contain all of the court information that the defendant will need.


The purpose of a bail bond is to get someone out of jail so that they could await their trial from the safety of their home rather than in jail. It is important to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible because the longer they remain in jail, the more dangerous it becomes.


This means that it is important that you pick a bail bonds agency that have your best interests in mind and will complete the bail bond as fast as possible. There are hundreds of agencies in the city of Huntington Beach and this industry is constantly growing.


The difference between all of these other agencies and us is that our agents are trained much more than other agents. We want to make sure that we only have the best bail bondsmen working for Bail Bonds Huntington Beach.


Our agents are all experts in the bail bond process for the city of Huntington Beach and have about thirty years of experience collectively. Bail Bonds Huntington Beach has been serving this fine city for many years and we will continue to serve this community as long as they need a bail bonds agency. As a company our agents have successfully completed hundreds of bail bonds without any trouble.


All of our clients leave our offices completely satisfied with our services and are satisfied with the outcome of the bail bond. We also understand that the price of the bail bond could still be too much for you to come up with at once, so we offer our clients the option of setting up a payment plan in order to pay for the bond while remaining in your budget.


One of our agents will be more than happy to discuss a payment plan with you so that you could get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.


It’s time for you to stop stressing about this situation and allow one of our agents at Bail Bonds Huntington Beach to handle the bail bond for you. 

How bail bonds work in Huntington Beach, CA!

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