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U.S. Marshals Arrest Man in Illinois For Huntington Beach Burglary

On Tuesday of this week, federal agents arrested a man in Illinois on suspicion of stealing up to $60,000 in merchandise from a Huntinton Beach eyewear shop this past March. The suspect was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshals Service and is expected to be brought back to California in order for the suspect to have his court hearing in Huntington Beach. When the crime occurred in Huntingon Beach, a citizen walking the streets noticed that the door to the Main Street Eyewear & Boutique was open. So the citizen flagged down two officers and notified them of the open door late at night. When the police arrived at the store, they noticed that the place of business had been robbed. Investigators found out that the suspect had stolen around $60,000 in merchandise. A search for the suspect commenced and is finally over months after the incident. Police found the man in Illinois and obtained an extradition warrant and arrested him at his home in Illinois. This goes to show you that you could try to run, but justice will find you.

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